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In response to demand on the route from Rotterdam (Europoort) to Harwich, Stena Line is to increase capacity by changing to larger ships.

Netherlands and Harwich in the UK will be replaced by larger ships, the RoRo ships MV Misida and MV Misana, when their present charter contracts expire in January 2018.  


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MY FREIGHT - our app!

Recently we launched our new app, MY FREIGHT.


The app has been developed to meet our customers request for simplifying the process around ‘no show’ and ‘late handling’ issues and can be used for ease of access to bookings and have the option to cancel or transfer a specific booking, if needed.


Before the app can be used to make any changes relating to our customers’ freight bookings a consent form has to be signed. Until then all accounts are set up as ‘view only’ by default.


The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play or App Store.

Stena Line to add extra North Sea freight capacity on Rotterdam to Killingholme route

In response to demand on the routes from Rotterdam (Europoort and Hoek van Holland) to Killingholme, Stena Line is to add additional capacity by introducing a second ship from Europoort to Killingholme.


The RoRo ship Caroline Russ, has been brought in to operate three times weekly from Europoort in the Netherlands and Killingholme in the UK, with the first departure from Europoort on October 31, 2016.

The ship will join current RoRo ship, the Stena Scotia, on the route. The frequency will hereby increase to six departures per week in each direction. The Stena Scotia was introduced on the route September 2014 as a complement to the two freight ships, the Stena Transit and Stena Transporter on the Hoek van Holland – Killingholme route.


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Information about border controls

Stena Line carries out ID controls between Denmark and Sweden, Germany and Sweden, Poland and Sweden, Latvia and Sweden (both ways), Germany and Latvia and Denmark and Norway.

In terms of approved ID documents Stena Line follows the recommendations from the Swedish Police. The basic requirements for an ID document is that it will be equipped with an individual numbering, the holder's signature, a photograph of the holder and information about period of validity and who is the issuer of the document.

The following are examples of documents that are accepted:

• Passports issued in the EU/EEA

• National ID card, issued in the EU/EEA

• Driver's license issued in the EU/EEA

• SIS-marked ID cards, ie Swedish ID card issued by a bank, for example,

• Other ID documents that meet the basic requirements for an ID document mentioned in the text above.

For travelers coming from countries outside the EU/EEA passport is the valid ID Document.


Age limits and ID controls

All passengers on a booking must have valid ID-documents but children under 16 years of age, travelling together with parent/parents are excepted.

For children under 16 who are on a school trip in company of an adult who is responsible, it is sufficient the adult person brings its own ID document and a list of the accompanying children and their personal data to meet the requirements.

Please note! The rules above are Stena Lines general rules applied to what documentation is mandatory when travelling on the routes above. It is the customer’s responsibility to before the trip check which documentation is needed for the country he or she is travelling to. As an example Germany is currently having inner Schengen controls, meaning that Passport or National ID card is required if you want to enter the country.