commodity areas

Logistics solutions within these commodity areas.

Together with freight forwarders and operators we take responsibility for the achievement of logistics solutions within these commodity areas.


The automotive industry’s structures and supply chains require high expertise and operations efficiency in the logistics services between the supplier, manufacturer, distributor, dealer and end consumer. The demand for logistics providers that can handle the ferry shipment is increasing.


Stena Line is a leading provider of ferry transportation in the automotive commodity. We move on average 60,000 automotive units a year and pride ourselves on being able to offer international shipping for most types of finished vehicles – cars, caravans, trailers and trucks. 


The pulp and paper industry depends on a long and integrated supply chain. The lead time from the first step to the last is long and involves many steps operated by several companies and the cost of transport and logistics is a large percentage of a company’s overall production costs. There are many issues that a producer must face whether on land or by sea. 


In Stena Line we have long-established experience and expertise connecting Europe’s leading pulp and paper industries within their markets and we pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled standard of customer service. 


No matter on which of our routes in the network you want to ship we can provide you with competitive rates for your retail consignments. With our vast array of knowledge and support we can offer you advice and solutions to get your freight transported across the sea.


We provide a range of solutions for the retail sector with high-quality service to our customers by optimizing the fleet availability according to production and market needs – so our customers can optimize their distribution solutions and to ensure that the varying requirements of the supply chain are met time after time.




Our steel transport customers are continuously looking for highly reliant shipping and transportation solutions. Transporting steel and metal products by ship provides a cost-effective and competitive solution for your steel shipments.


We ensure that your metal or steel manufacturing operations run smoothly with our transportation and logistics services. Our longstanding partnerships with the transport industry ensure that your steel is transported in an efficient, secure and timely manner. 


The high transport costs in relation to the product value are a particular challenge for the concrete element industry. Therefore the sea transportation plays a major role in the logistics of concrete elements as this is often more cost-effective. 


For this reason, we are always focused on developing special shipping logistics solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We offer sea transport services for all the prefabricated elements – transport that is cost-effective and takes the dimensions and weight of your elements into consideration.


Leading companies in the chemistry industries have entrusted Stena Line with their sensitive goods for decades. This is because we always provide them with the right sea transport solution for their products.

With many years of working experience within the industry, we offer our customers specific transport and logistics solutions to satisfy their unique transport needs. No one knows how to manage the logistics and transportation of the chemistry industry more than us. 


Project logistics is one of our specialities. Managing heavy lift projects requires special expertise, care and detailing. Our dedicated team has a thorough understanding of handling every project cargo shipments in a customized manner.

Regardless of the shipment’s destination we offer innovative project cargo handling solutions and do our outmost to ensure that our customers can deliver their valuable goods in time.

We have the ability to handle your complex transport logistics, whether it is cargo shipped as Break Bulk (BB), Heavy Lift (HL) or Out of Gauge (OOG).