customer support systems

the painless way to boost productivity

Our Customer Support System gives you many options to choose from - you can book space, track units, stay abreast of timetable updates, maintain logs of your transactions, monitor your shipping statistics and electronically receive and process invoices.
Our Customer Support System service tools range from an Extranet service (ideal for small to medium sized companies) to Stena Connect, a version of our own booking system that is perfect for larger customers holding regular block bookings. Use our eInvoice Internet site to receive e-invoices – all you need is an Internet connected PC.
We can also arrange direct system-to-system connectivity via our eConnect and e-Invoice Plus interfaces. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our Customer Support System and you can improve your business processes and productivity. 

For more information about our Extranet and StenaConnect services, please contact your nearest Stena Line Freight office. To learn more about our system-to-system connectivity, please call your Stena Line Freight sales contact.