Routes and Ports

One of Europe's largest route networks

We are Stena Line

  • One of the world’s largest ferry operators with more than 28 700 trips every year.
  • Transport 7.6 million passengers, 1.7 million cars and 2.1 million freight units every year.
  • 37 vessels in operation on 20 ferry routes between ten countries in Northern Europe.
  • 5 600 employees from more than 50 nationalities.
  • Leader in sustainable shipping with 300 + implemented energy saving projects.
  • Aim to become the leading cognitive ferry company in the world by 2021.
  • A turnover of 14 billion SEK.


Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future

Stena Line's mission is to increase the value for our customers through affordable and seamless ferry transportation with an absolute commitment to safety and reliability, and a reduced environmental footprint.

We deliver efficiency and sustainability through care – care for our customers, care for resources and care for each other.

Our Route network

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Freight Transport Information

An informational manual on the requirements and procedures when we transport goods on our ferries.


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