Freight News

October 2015

Busiest time of the year!

This is the busiest time of the year within Stena Line Freight. All our area sales managers and in-door sales team will soon start the 2016 contract negotiations with our customers. They all look forward to having a dialog with you on your view of the market, with the opportunities which are ahead of us on the threshold of a new year.

Our company is now reviewing areas to ensure that the products and the service level we offer our customers go hand in hand with our price strategy. We will strengthen our position in the market by learning from our customers; we will improve our processes and ensure we optimize our ships on each and every departure – steps which we will all benefit from.

Talking about learning from our customers we have recently conducted a survey amongst approximately 100 of our customers from across Europe. We asked them to list what were the most important factors to them when conducting business with us - the results were really interesting reading for us!

Just to unveil a bit of this we can mention that timetabling and reliability of the service, costs and relationship are among some of the points. Other areas of great importance for our customers are our network, stability of our service, claims handling and port location. The results also showed us that the overall satisfaction with our services is quite high and we were especially very pleased to read that our customers appreciate the good relationship many of our customers have with our area sales managers and our staff in in-door sales.

Naturally there is room for improvement as always, so amongst other things we have to look into our claims procedures and information in connection with cancellation and/or delays.

Be assured we will take actions in these areas.

All of us within Stena Line Freight look forward to next few hectic months!

Björn Petrusson

Freight Director

Stena Gothica in service

From the 25 August 2015 the Stena Gothica has been operating on the route from Gothenburg to Frederikshavn. She replaced Stena Scanrail which had been in operation for almost 28 years and who has now been sold to a Turkish ship-owner and has therefore left Scandinavia in favour of a future on the eastern part of the Mediterranean.

Stena Gothica is a larger and more modern Ro-Pax vessel, which has been a positive development for the route. The Stena Gothica can accommodate 186 passengers and has a capacity of 1,598 lane metres.

Recently Stena Gothica underwent a major refurbishment of the interior in the public areas on board as well as the installation of a modern kitchen which gives the chef the best conditions for preparing good food for all truck drivers. On the car deck all of the ramps got new wearing layer.

Furthermore public WI-FI will be installed and will be available this week and will ensure the truck drivers have access to the internet on their phones, tablets or laptops free of charge.

All in all the ship is very up to date with all the modern equipment to serve our truck drivers.

Jacob Koch-Nielsen

Freight Commercial Manager

Nordic Countries & Poland

promising development

During the year we have seen a promising development in the majority of our markets for Stena Line Freight. At September freight volumes year to date were up 4% versus last year.

The Irish Sea routes are developing very well and we have seen a very strong growth on the North Sea driven by healthy and growing economies in both the United Kingdom and the Benelux countries. The severe and challenging situation on the Channel has naturally also affected our volume development but we have also noted that we have been able to retain a lot of traffic with our reliable and efficient services on the North Sea.

Another route with excellent development is Karlskrona - Gdynia which has shown substantial growth over the last few years. The competition from the Swinoujscie corridor remains fierce but we can also see that the Polish economy continues to show positive development. The Swedish economy has also recovered slightly and is in a good trade cycle at the moment.

Another positive observation is that cross selling is growing rapidly and our customers are increasingly recognizing the strength and benefits of our extensive network and use multiple route combinations to reach their destinations.

Anders Bexell

Group Freight Business Controller

Mutual Expansion of our business

The Stena Line North Sea routes have experienced a very busy period of growth within Freight. The disruptions on the Channel made many companies decide to look for alternative ways to cross the North Sea for both driver accompanied and unaccompanied transport services.

Of course we are very happy that many customers have chosen our routes and that we have received many positive reactions on the level of service that we have been able to offer.

Pretty soon we will commence discussions around our collaboration for 2016. We will need to revise our rates in order to cover the increased costs and higher rate of exchange of the Sterling.

In order to provide our customers the spaces they require we shall have to agree upon further optimisation of our booking processes. We will introduce a strict no show and late cancellation procedure. For all our customers we present clear guidelines in order to realize a disciplined follow up of the required spaces that are needed on board our vessels.

Furthermore we shall reconsider the agreed block bookings and certain preferences. It will be monitored on a regular basis to make sure that the use of it is as strict as possible.

We trust that we are able to come again to satisfy agreements for both parties so that we can strive for the mutual expansion of our businesses.

For more information please contact our sales representatives.

We look forward to continuing our great working relationship 2016.

Rob Mittelmeijer

Freight Commercial Manager

Area North Sea

How to gain knowledge

Every business can benefit from a better understanding of their current and prospective customers.

Through customer satisfaction surveys we can gain knowledge of how our customers experience our business as a whole, our products in general, how they perceive the service we provide and our staff. For us a survey is a true communication between us and our customer and you should know we will never underestimate the outcome of any result.

Customer feedback and surveys are an imperative component in our business planning and marketing strategies. Surveys, in particular, represent a significant part of the customer relationship management and marketing planning processes. Furthermore customer feedback provides us with invaluable information for our business and we gain a significant advantage by analysing our customers’ thoughts.

This knowledge makes us change!

For the first time our Customer Service Teams will carry out our annual survey via a telephone interview with a number of our customers, whilst the rest of our customers will receive our normal on-line survey from our analyse institute. The surveys will be conducted in November.

So if you have a few minutes to spare, we would really appreciate your help and time in completion of the survey.

Inge Rosenbæk Carlsen
Group Freight Marketing Manager

Export & Freight Awards 2015

Stena Line has once again sailed to success at the annual Export & Freight Transport & Logistic Awards where we were voted Irish Sea Shipping Line of the Year at a prestigious ceremony in Belfast on Thursday 10th September. 

An independent panel of judges made up of a  selected group of freight companies were asked to anonymously select one service which offered the optimum level of service, quality, onboard facilities and choice of routes, registered their votes via a secure and carefully policed online 'one customer one vote' system.

The award was given to Stena Line as we ‘continue to invest in our Irish Sea routes, and has responded to growing demand from freight customers by recently increasing capacity on our Belfast – Liverpool route'. Having 'the right customer service, backed up by a highly experienced customer service team’, was another key element in combination with an ‘impressive reliability across our Irish Sea North services’.

We are delighted to have been voted Shipping Line of the Year. The fantastic thing about this award is that it was voted for by our customers who ship their freight with us and can judge us for the services we provide. 

Richard Horswill
Head of Freight
United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland