Freight news june 2017

Just noticed that the calendar says that it is Midsummer – time flies!

As always just before the holiday season it is a very busy time which seems to go faster than normal. The European markets are strong and within all freight regions we see growth. We also notice that our space utilization is increasing which is very positive of course, but at the same time it is challenging for us as we want do our utmost to have a very high service level and to offer you great accessibility.


Our focus also lies in our long term tonnage plans with our new buildings, which we expect to be delivered in 2019/2020. We will continuously strengthen our route network and adjust the tonnage according to the demand from our customers.


On the North Sea we have experienced strong growth on the route from Europoort to Killingholme, this growth shows us that we have a very strong competitive product with high frequency and capacity – which has grown into a strong transport hub for both customers from London and the Midlands.


Our Baltic Sea services have shown strong development, both on Travemünde-Liepaja and on Karlskrona-Gdynia. We have increased the frequency on Nynäshamn-Ventspils and have received positive comments from the markets for reliability and offering good capacity.


During spring we met with the transport market and partners at the big transport and logistics fairs. We want to work ‘Outside in’ - our customers’ input is so important for us and with our digital seminars in Holland and Riga we trust that both you and we will benefit from the cooperation and the digitalisation doors will open.


In the demand for our freight business we do not see any effect of Brexit so far – but the future will show us. Our travel business on the other hand is experiencing a slightly reduced interest in travelling from the United Kingdom to the Continent.


We look forward to continued cooperation during the autumn – a period where we can together create increased efficiency.


Thank you for your support. We wish you a wonderful summer!


Marcus Lindbom
Chief Commercial Officer
Scandinavia, Germany & Baltic Sea


Björn Petrusson

Chief Commercial Officer

Irish Sea & North Sea


Growth on Gdynia-Karlskrona continues – a fourth vessel to be introduced!

After this summer a fourth vessel will be joining the route between Gdynia and Karlskrona. The decision is based on continuous strong growth within the freight business.


In 2016 the number of freight units on the route increased significantly and in the first five months in 2017 the growth continues.


Our route between Poland and Sweden is strategically important to us and an integral part of the infrastructure linking the Central part of Europe with Scandinavia. Over these last few years we have experienced extremely positive volume development and we believe this will continue. We see continued strong demand for extra capacity and for our customers it is very important that we have availability and flexibility, and these developments are in line with our growth strategy


The vessel that will be introduced is M/V Gute - a time-charter from Gotlandsbolaget. The vessel will complement Stena Vision, Stena Spirit and Stena Baltica with the major focus on Stena Line's freight operation. 


The introduction of M/V Gute will add eight trips a week and the vessel has a freight capacity of 865 lane metres. Securing additional space for Freight customers during the peak travel season, when most of the ferry routes are very busy, a decision has been taken to increase the frequency with four additional trips from the end of June to the end of August. After these changes the weekly frequency on the route will increase from 36 trips in spring to 40 trips in summer season and 44 trips after the introduction of M/V Gute.


M/V Gute will be a great addition to our fleet leading to a timetable more adaptable to our freight customers ensuring the best possible service and maintaining our market position with the Baltic Port in Karlskrona and the new terminal in Gdynia which are important hubs for both freight and passengers.


The Charter contract runs for one year with an option for extension. M/V Gute enters into operation on the 28 August 2017.


Facts M/V Gute

Built: 1979

Crossing time: 14 hours

Length: 138 m

Width: 16 m

Freight capacity: 865 lane meters


Planner App – Stena Line’s new mobile booking platform

Finally the new booking app is ready for our freight customers. To ensure a successful release of this new booking channel we will start by releasing it to a group of customers for Beta testing in our live environment during the summer months.


This test period will hopefully give us important feedback to ensure we have a good and stable product to release to all of our customers after the summer.


In this first version of the app we have the functions to search for bookings, update them (change booking details, transfer and cancel). Bookings can be created from scratch and for cash paying customer or customers with calculation authority the price of the booking will be available, just as it is on Extranet. Payment functionality will be available in a later version. Our customers log into the planner app with the same credentials and profile as on their Extranet account.


We have started with standard functionality in our first version but will continue to develop this booking channel with your help and input!


The preparations for Brexit

March 2019 is only 20 months from today and we need to be prepared for the day that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. An event that is completely new and unprecedented as it never happened before that a member state will leave the E.U.


There are numerous issues and subjects that will require constructive solutions, as all parties involved recognize that too many blockades will harm both economies. A smooth transition and continuation of the business flows is required.


Brexit is causing uncertainties in the market and the industry and transport/logistics companies might experience hesitation of the economy.


Stena Line North Sea is in contact with the relevant authorities in order to anticipate on E.U. and U.K. requirements, whereby we will strive for frictionless traffic by sea between the UK and the EU and continued market access to the domestic trades and the offshore sector.


Recently, during meetings with members of the various parliaments we have asked for extra attention for the I.T. Customs infrastructure, the physical infrastructure in the Ports, the knowledge of customs regulations and the need to train employees with sufficient customs knowledge.


And, not to forget, a level playing field for all ports in the UK and the Continent.


We will be in touch with our customers during the months to come in order to exchange ideas how to smoothen the transition period.


Rob Mittelmeijer

Freight Commercial Manager, North Sea

A strong start to the year

We have seen a positive performance in freight volumes on our Irish Sea North routes from Belfast to Cairnryan, Liverpool and Heysham year to date and would like to thank all our customers for their valued support.


Although, there are still high levels of uncertainty across the wider economic community, freight volumes indicate that business confidence remains robust. There are a number of factors underpinning the performance so far this year and it is worth noting we have been able to deliver a strong start to the year while also carrying out a significant £5m refit programme to our fleet which was completed locally in Belfast in the world famous Harland & Wolf ship yard.


We are now starting to see the benefits of a positive impact on traffic flows from the likes of new M6 Link Road to Heysham which opened last November and which highlights the importance of strong port access infrastructure.  With this focus in mind we have for the past number of years been engaging similarly with government and a number of stakeholder groups over a number of years to look at similar port access infrastructure improvements in Scotland and Northern Ireland to improve the experience for all our customers and help our ports remain competitive. 


Customers using our Cairnryan-Belfast service will no doubt be aware of the ‘challenges’ that can be faced on the main roads to and from our home port in Cairnryan.  While there has been some progress made in improvements to the A75 and A77 roads to Loch Ryan we think there is still a lot more to do.


The A77Action Group has been working hard with the local community and political representatives in the South West of Scotland to help get the Scottish Parliament to commit resources to make some key road improvements. Stena Line are pleased to support and endorse the work undertaken by this dedicated group of local people and would urge you to lend your support also via an online petition which they currently have running. 


Anna Breen

Freight Commercial Manager, Irish Sea North


Facing forward

Writing this in the immediate aftermath of the UK general election, whilst steering clear of the politics, it would be remiss not to at least acknowledge the outcome and the potential impact on the Brexit negotiations and on currency exchange rates – matters of huge importance to the market on the Irish Sea, the North Sea, the Channel and across Europe. Whether you are interested in the extent and level of trade access or customs clearance, whether there is a hard or soft border between the UK and the Republic of Ireland or the impact on commerce and industry in all the main markets involved, the next weeks and months will be fascinating to watch.


For the Republic of Ireland there remains the need to protect access to the main European markets, both via transit through Great Britain and direct Continental services. Stena Line provides both options with five routes across the Irish Sea linking to five routes across the North Sea and of course the direct Rosslare-Cherbourg service.


On Monday 22nd May Stena Line implemented a change to our sailing schedule on Rosslare-Fishguard, a development that had also been sought by both customers and industry bodies, including the Irish Road Haulage Association. With significant realignment across all sailings, but especially on the evening departures, which have both come forward by around three hours, these changes not only open up completely new distribution possibilities for customers using our peak freight departures, but also create a wider spread of sailings via the ‘Southern Corridor’ generally, which we hope will attract fresh traffic flows to Rosslare. We are actively talking to customers about the improvements and efficiencies they may be able to make with delivery schedules and return runs and we hope that they will take full advantage of these possibilities. Early indications are very promising and taken in conjunction with the high space capability we now have on Stena Europe, it’s really exciting to see the positive freight development on this route. Full sailing schedule information can be found on our website; www.stenalinefreight/timetables/irish-sea.


As we enter the summer months it is always interesting to follow the seasonality of customers’ shipping profiles. Going back a few years there was a distinctive dip in volumes across the summer but this has become less marked, perhaps reflecting amongst other influences the highly demand driven nature of modern retailing – a core business on most of our Irish Sea routes. Despite your likely on-going intensive activity, may I wish you a chilled and relaxing summer.


David Holderness

Freight Commercial Manager, Irish Sea South


New challenges and plans for our Baltic Sea North freight team

The second quarter of 2017 commenced with a strengthening of our Baltic freight-based route from Liepaja in Latvia to Travemünde in Germany by increasing capacity by 33%, now offering ten weekly departures (5 round trips).


Participation in the International Exhibitions; ‘TransRussia’ in Moscow, ‘Transport & Logistic’ in Munich and the ’ASMAP’ conferences in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow brought us a number of new prospects and sales leads. It was a pleasure to see the exhibitions’ visitors’ interest in our services, resulting in many new contacts from transport and logistics companies as well as from the industry. The visitors’ main focus was on supplies to and from Russia, Western Europe as well as the Baltic States – in particular for oversize and overload cargo. We are sure that this will mean increased activity for our routes on the Baltic Sea.


Oscar Osis

Freight commercial Manager, Baltic Sea North


Thank you Munich!

The world’s largest sector gathering for transport and logistics took place in Munich on 9-12 May.


The four days were very intensive and successful. We had a lot of interesting dialogue with our customers to develop our business relationship .Many new leads found their way to our stand and gave us the opportunity to present our products and services and to introduce Stena Line as a partner for long-term business partnerships.

50-year route jubilee in Göteborg and Kiel

On 24 April 1967, the Kiel-Göteborg route was opened as the second service of Stena Line. It was the starting point of the internationalization of our company and the basis of our global success.

It is with pride we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this route - still one of our most important routes - with the methanol ferry Stena Germanica it is the perfect symbol for our future sustainable approach.


The Official inauguration of the first Mediterranean–Baltic intermodal link in Kiel

In connection with the 50th years’ anniversary of the Kiel-Gothenburg route the Prime Minister President of Schleswig Holstein Torsten Albig, EKOL, TX Logistic and Stena Line officially launched the first Mediterranean – Baltic intermodal rail connection from Trieste to Kiel. The ferry route is experienced as a very dynamic growth of the intermodal connections.


Christof Weichbrodt

Freight Commersial Manager, Germany


New office at Svinesund Transport Centre, Norway

On 20th June we celebrated the opening of our new office at Svinesund Transport Centre in Norway.


We are increasing our focus on customs clearance by opening this new office in the Svinesundparken, which is situated on the border between Norway and Sweden. From this location we can offer our customers all products related to customs clearance.


It is a pleasure to note that many of our customers have already optimized their chain of logistics by choosing Stena Line as a certified partner when it comes to customs clearance.


By offering this service we want to reduce the waiting time at the border by introducing digitalised solutions – a cost reducing benefit for our customers.


Our customs office department is open 24/7. In Norway we can hand out documents directly to our customers on the border from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 18.00


Please contact us at phone: +45 96 200 225 or email

For price inquires please contact

Visit address: Stena Line, Svinesundsparken 10C, 1788 Berg I Østfold, Norway


Linn Victoria Nordbakke

Freight Commercial Manager, Norway