Freight News December 2016

A Summary of 2016

It is always quite surprising how quickly Christmas comes around!


From the end of August we have the busiest and most intensive period of the year within freight. 

The most exciting experience is all of the direct contact we have with you as customers and with your input you help drive our development as a company. Your knowledge about our products and network is impressive and helps us a lot. 


The business for short sea shipping in Europe is stable and good and we have not seen any negative influence of ‘Brexit’ and the growth is in all regions. On some of our 20 routes we have reached capacity constraints, and we have therefore strengthened the routes with more frequency, and also added vessels into the fleet. We also continue to invest in the future thorough the development and use of new types of fuel such as methanol and our new builds which will have the highest operational performance and low emissions will help create reliable and value adding services to you in the future.


With these thoughts, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our customers and business partners for the wonderful cooperation we have enjoyed. May this Christmas be a peaceful, relaxing and happy time for all of you. 


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Marcus Lindbom
Chief Commercial Officer
Scandinavia, Germany & Baltic Sea


Björn Petrusson

Chief Commercial Officer

Irish Sea & North Sea

Freight Facts 2017

Please check out our new Freight Facts featuring everything you need to know about our route network, service offering and the sales people that help make Stena Line a supplier of choice to the freight transport industry.


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Third round trip for the Verona – Kiel – Gothenburg combined train.

Our joint open train (Stena/Kombiverkehr) with its current schedule - operating two round trips has been in continuous demand for increased capacity so therefore from Feb 16th 2017 (Ex Kiel), the “open” Verona – Kiel – Gothenburg train schedule will be increased to three round trips per week and then the next logical step is to increase to four rounds trips as soon as possible.


All parties involved have a joint plan that will guarantee continuous high quality service and reliability. We are convinced that the lack of drivers, driving hour restrictions, road congestion as well as the natural benefits of combined transport such as higher payload, optimized usage of tractor units and of course the positive environmental effects, will further drive growth in this market segment. So we at Stena Line want to provide our customers with the necessary capacity to meet demand.


Further combined rail/ferry products connected to our routes will follow.


For further information on combined transports or the additional round trip please do not hesitate to contact your Sales representative.


Christof Weichbrodt
Freight Commercial Manager - Germany


People buy from people, companies buy from companies and in the digital world we now live in, exhibitions provide us with the opportunity to meet and connect with customers, current as well as potential.


Stena Line recently participated in the ‘Logistik & Transport’, the leading supply chain and transport trade fair and conference in Scandinavia; two busy days with exhibitors from the logistics and transport industry as well as a well-attended seminar with topics about the latest trends and challenges within logistics and transport. Thanks to those of you who took the time to meet with us.


You are probably crossing things off the pre-Christmas to-do list at the moment, so we just want to remind you not to miss out on the 2017 spring exhibitions where we are participating; Multimodal in Birmingham, Transrussia in Moscow, Breakbulk in Antwerp, the CV Show in Birmingham and Transport Logistic in Munich. We would be delighted to meet with you at our stands.


Keep yourself updated on our website for more information.

Inge Rosenbæk Carlsen
Freight Marketing Manager


This year - thanks to fast growing popularity of the Gdynia-Karlskrona route - we decided to add four additional sailings on Tuesdays and Saturdays, increasing the route’s frequency to 36 trips per week. These additional sailings allow us to meet our freight customers’ needs by supporting them to deliver their goods on time and while also strengthening the Gdynia corridor and its HUB function.


Three vessels – the Stena Spirit, the Stena Vision and the Stena Baltica are operating on this route, offering perfect rest conditions for truck drivers, allowing them to use the ferry crossing as their full, obligatory daily break. Both terminals in Gdynia and Karlskrona are also well equipped to develop intermodal solutions.  

Over the last 20 years the Gdynia-Karlskrona route has become an important transport corridor to and from Scandinavia. Thanks to the fast development of the road and rail hinterland infrastructure, this ferry connection allows smooth transportation to and from Poland, as well as in further transit to and from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, The Balkans and Turkey.


We believe that 2017 will be another good year and we are already planning further development of the corridor!


Henryk Kaluzny
Freight Commercial Manager - Baltic Sea South


A status report from the Irish Sea

It’s encouraging to see that despite uncertainty following the Brexit referendum in June, trade growth has continued unabated between Great Britain and Ireland and every corridor across the Irish Sea is showing positive development. It’s early to be looking for clear indications of how things will evolve longer term, until we see the actual shape of the agreement that will have emerged by 2019, but it is impressive to see the strength of the underlying trading relationship at work.


Our customers serving the retail industry are now running at full pace with their Christmas seasonal volumes – the resulting volume spike on most routes through November and December is a very distinctive feature of the Irish Sea market profile. Our reservations, check-in, stevedoring and on-board teams are very aware of how important this period is for customers and are fully committed to making sure that all runs smoothly. May we wish you well if you are currently flat out with maximising capacity and fulfilling last minute additional orders – you’re nearly there!


Once we enter 2017 we move quickly into refit season. We are pleased to say that with the return of Stena Nordica as relief vessel from the Baltic Sea, full cover will be available; including maximum headroom for double deck trailers. The programme commences in early January.


Dave Holderness
Freight Commercial Manager - Irish Sea South


North Sea Area

During this period of the year one tends to look back, but we are looking forward to next year! The market is still favourable although the rate of exchange of the pound sterling for certain parts of the industry is still an issue. ‘Brexit’ is still an unknown factor for all of us but for the time being the economy is recovering after an initial dip.

We are happy to see the development of our services on the Europoort terminal. Customers are satisfied with the daily connections to Harwich and Killingholme and we see increased enthusiasm because of the timetable and punctuality of the sailings.
In the meantime the works on the Europoort terminal continue and we have installed the new link span on the new berth. We have planned to finalize the works on the new berth during the month of February 2017. By then we will start to dismantle the old link span and work on the new one that is to be terminated during fourth quarter of 2017.
From Europoort Stena Line is creating a hub with two directions to the UK with the focus for industrial cargo and intermodal solutions. From Hoek van Holland reliable and daily connections for all type of cargo with the focus for all sorts of temperature controlled loads, both accompanied and unaccompanied. It is all about a good logistic solution in order to strengthen both our businesses for the longer term.


Rob Mittelmeijer

Freight Commercial Manager - North Sea

Changes in the Baltic Sea

To meet an increased demand and to further strengthen the market position, Stena Line has decided to implement changes in the disposition of the vessels on the routes between the Baltics and Sweden and between the Baltics and Germany.
From January 3rd 2017 we will increase the capacity by 30% on the route from Ventspils (Latvia) to Nynäshamn (Sweden) v.v. by offering 24 weekly departures (12 round trips).

In order to ensure sustainable shipping, we have decided that the Port of Ventspils will be the hub port in connection with Scandinavia. Therefore the route between Liepaja (Lativa) and Nynäshamn will cease to operate from December 5th 2016.
From January 3rd 2017 we will increase the capacity by 25% on the route from Liepaja and Travemünde (Germany) v.v. by offering eight weekly departures (4 round trips).

We have decided that the Port of Liepaja will be the hub port in connection with West Central Europe which means that the route between Ventspils and Travemünde will cease to operate from December 4th 2016.


Please follow the link to find the updated ferry schedules:


Oskars Osis

Freight Commercial Manager - Baltic Sea North