Freight News February
Gothenburg is (at the time of writing)

- in its Winter Dress - Five degrees, Snow and a little more light in the evening. A good winter is almost as beautiful as a good summer if you are a Viking but the best thing - no mosquitoes!



The year has had a very positive start with increased volumes, approximately around three percent up on last year. Fair is fair –with new capacity offered by the Roro route Europoort- Killingholme and the additional capacity offered with the Stena Hibernia on the Belfast- Liverpool route plus the third Ropax vessel on Karlskrona-Gdynia.


The above new levels of capacity are of course assisting in raising the volumes compared to 2014, however business is growing and our products are attractive to you – ‘Our Customer’. This is the best proof of our achievements and developments we can have.


After the SECA BAF race 2014 now behind us, we are working hard on reliability, punctuality and efficiency to reach an even better product and utilization for 2015. Even if the low fuel prices have decreased the kilometre price on the roads, I'm convinced that rail connectivity to our routes is essential and will grow further. Within our Business Development Organisation we will focus on the next step forward for a leading Pan European Short Sea Shipping Company. The discussions with our customers are the most important element of this work.


Stena Line Freight will be participating at a large number of trade fairs and customer events this year. Planning and preparation is taking place just now and with the support from our Group Freight Marketing Manager Inge Rosenbæk Carlsen you will see this launched during the year in many locations.


We believe in further growth in 2015 - please join us. Our ambition is to make you, as the customer, and ourselves more competitive.

Björn Petrusson
Freight Director

Rally Julius Tannert
Summer Rally coming soon!

Stena Line has a contract with the Latvian Automobile Federation to ship the North European Championship participants’ rally cars and cross karts and the event will be held in July in Latvia.

Many participants will be travelling from Scandinavian to Latvia and back using our routes from Nynäshamn (Sweden) to Ventspils or Liepaja (Latvia).

There will be over 60 participants who will travel from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All participants will be accompanied by their race cars, service buses and technical crew, so we expect to have 150-200 people using our ferry service. As a result of this event we will also see an increase on the number of freight units being carried, which our freight department is looking forward to deal with.

It is with great pleasure that Stena Line will be able to assist transporting all of these professional sports people, their teams and cars and we wish them all the best of luck at this great event.

Aivars Taurins
Freight Commercial Manager

In karlskrona port
Increased capacity and frequency on the Gdynia-Karlskrona route

We are back with three roundtrips with the Stena Baltica on the Gdynia-Karskrona route.

Thanks to the improved timetable our Freight customers can now ship more trucks from Poland to Sweden/Norway on Mondays. The extra departure is at 22:00 hrs and so far we have only had one departure at 19:30 hrs – new timing is now 1900 hours.

In addition to this we have an extra departure in the opposite direction from Karlskrona at 08:30 hrs on Monday’s and this gives our customers a more effective rotation of their equipment.

In 2014 we carried 116,966 units on Karlskrona-Gdynia, which is 14% more compared to 2013 in spite of having a new competitor on the market -TTLine on Swinoujscie-Trelleborg( joining Unity Line and Polferries on this corridor). This also increased the total frequency of all operators sailing from Swinoujscie from 10 to 11 departures per day.

With the improved timetable Stena Line is now offering two-three sailings per day (one on Fridays) on Gdynia-Karlskrona, allowing the customers smooth deliveries between Central, North and Eastern Poland and Scandinavia. For units in transit the route is also serving markets like Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Henryk Kaluzny

Freight Manager Poland & Ukraine

Fast train Rostock
Sweden´s fastest train shipped on Rostock – Trelleborg

On the way to Switzerland for modernization and maintenance work, the first three wagons of the fastest Swedish train has used our Rostock – Trelleborg rail ferry service to reach the Continent. The train type SJ 2000 is specifically designed for the Swedish high speed rail network. During the modernization, the locomotives will along with technical improvements receive high speed wireless internet access, better Mobile phone connectivity and state of the art Information systems.

 In late summer 2015 the SJ 2000 trains will commence operations between Stockholm and Oslo. The Swedish rail operator SJ’s aim is to reduce journey time by 90 minutes and they will increase the daily departures.

As of 2019 all 36 SJ 2000 trains will be modernized and will be fully operational in 2020.

Christof Weichbrodt
Freight Commercial Manager
Central Europe

Stena Europe in hard weather
Stena Line’s Network commitment to Freight Service

December and January have again proved very challenging months on the Irish Sea. The position of the jet stream has meant all routes have been affected by severe storms in some way. It is perhaps worth reflecting on the conditions our Officers, Crew and Port Operations staff endure and their professionalism in managing the inherent risks of extreme weather at this time of year. It is easy to become sentimental but in reality it can be tough. Our Freight teams have shown great resourcefulness and dedication in responding to changing conditions and taking steps to find the next best options to keep your freight moving across our network. We believe this is what really makes the difference and demonstrates Stena Line’s absolute commitment to Freight Service.


Unfortunately in our business despite our best efforts sometimes situations arise beyond our reasonable control.  On these rare occasions, we are fully aware of our customer’s needs and try to do everything possible to mitigate the impact on them. We know how important reliability and dependability are for your business and the supply chain. We can assure all customers that we do everything possible within the limits of reasonable safety and that we take thorough and measured steps to learn from the incidents.


I would like to thank all our customers for their patience and understanding during the worst periods of disruption and assure all of our duty for improvement.


Richard Horswill

Head of Freight UK & ROI

Reliability is the key
Reliability is KEY within the service industry!

In our experience we know that many transport companies are committed to very high levels of performance towards the industry. For those commitments to be achieved a reliable ferry partner is necessary.

In 2014 the consistency and reliability of the Stena Line vessels on the North Sea have been on the same high levels as many years before with no cancellations due to technical or weather circumstances providing 100% performance.

During January we again have welcomed many trucks on our vessels, in particular via Hoek van Holland – Harwich, due to congestion on the Channel -those trucks and drivers benefited from a very smooth crossing and despite the full vessels, drivers were able to take their full nine hours rest and enjoyed great food and relaxation.

Rob Mittelmeijer

Freight Commercial Manager

Area North Sea

thumbs up
Thank you!

We recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey in which we asked all our customers to rate Stena Line Freight in a number of areas that address principal drivers of customer satisfaction within our business. We would like to thank those who participated for taking the time to complete the survey. Customer feedback is invaluable to us as we continually strive to provide the highest quality of customer service in all areas of our business.


We are grateful for your business and your willingness to share feedback with us and as a respondent, the results of the survey we hope will be beneficial to your company.

Now Stena Line Freight will take action on the results!

Thank you again for your time and participation.


Inge Rosenbæk Carlsen

Group Freight Marketing Manager