Stena Nordica - new ship on Gdynia-Karlskrona route, already in October

In October, Stena Line’s ferry route from Gdynia to Karlskrona will be enriched with fourth ro-pax ferry. The new vessel, Stena Nordica, will sail five times a week in each direction.

Record number of weekly departures between Gdynia and Karlskrona.

Stena Line has as many as four vessels serving this connection. These are ro-pax ferries: Stena Spirit, Stena Vision, Stena Baltica and m/v Gute, a ro-ro vessel that will soon be leaving the service. Already in October, it will be replaced by Stena Nordica - a ro-pax vessel, with twice the freight capacity. Stena Nordica, unlike m/v Gute, is intended for both freight and passenger transport. Thanks to almost twice as large freight capacity, the new vessel can also take a significant number of trucks. The ship is able to transport 450 passengers and has as much as 1950 lane meters for trucks and loads.

Thanks to the introduction of Stena Nordica the total number of trips on this route will increase to a record number of 46 departures a week. Stena Nordica for passengers and freight.


Stena Nordica is a ship built in 2000, and modernized several times. This is a unique vessel that combines the convenience of traveling with a large freight capacity. It is worth mentioning that Stena Nordica has already been in service on the Gdynia-Karlskrona route until 2008, as well as in the winter of 2018. The ship was well liked by both passengers and truck drivers. In recent years, the public spaces of the ship have been rebuilt and their style has been modernized. Comfortable and modern interiors please the eye and offer everything one needs on the journey. On board, passengers can use comfortable cabins, restaurant and bar, or spend time on the sun deck.


All ro-pax fleet - a good solution.

Stena Nordica is a vessel with twice as large freight capacity as its predecessor, m/v Gute and taking over 400 passengers. This means that Stena Line will be able to offer much more space on ships for both freight customers and passengers. Stena Nordica also guarantees a shorter and more comfortable journey. Importantly, the new vessel is adapted to use two levels of ramps, which will significantly reduce the loading time. Due to similar functionality to the other three vessels, Stena Nordica will be a good complement to Stena Line’s fleet on Gdynia-Karlskrona route. We are happy that we can offer Stena Line’s customers a consistent concept of ro-pax ferries.


Stena Line Gdynia-Karlskrona route

Stena Nordica

Pax: 450

Crossing time: 10,5 h

Length: 170 m

Width: 26 m

Capacity: 1 950 lane meters


Ship transfer

The introduction of a new vessel on the route between Gdynia and Karlskrona is a part of larger ship transfer strategy, with which Stena Line develops three ferry routes simultaneously. Stena Line also strengthens the connection between Göteborg (Sweden) and Frederikshavn (Denmark), where a new vessel will also be introduced - previously purchased ro-pax Hammerodde. Stena Gothica will return to Travemünde (Germany) - Liepaja (Latvia) route, where she will operate along with her sister ship, m/v Urd.


52 times a week with Stena Line between Gdynia and Sweden

Stena Line currently serves two ferry routes from Poland: from Gdynia to Karlskrona and from Gdynia to Nynäshamn. The Karlskrona route in southern Sweden has been operating for over 20 years. The ferry route from Gdynia to Nynäshamn started at the end of 2017. Together with 6 departures on the new ferry route to Nynäshamn and 46 to Karlskrona (including new Stena Nordica’s sailings), starting October Stena Line will offer a record number of as many as 52 sailings a week between Gdynia and Sweden, with five ferries.