Continous development of the Planner app

We strive to have the best on line booking services to meet our customers’ demands. Test the Planner App; a tool to make your life a bit easier when out of the office!

Freight customers give thumbs up to the Planner App

We constantly strive to improve our online services and be ahead of the game.


The Planner App is a good example of a platform that we have developed to meet your requests to simplify the booking process when you are out of the office.


Since the launch in September amazingly 2,090 users have downloaded the app and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. "The best ferry booking tool available", says one of the users – just one of the testimonies that shows us that we have succeeded in our efforts to make this an important tool for you in your daily work.

Based on feedback from the users new functionalities will be developed to keep the app up to date.

Recently we have send out a short questionnaire with a few questions about usage of the app to the users. We hope all who have received the questionnaire will take the two minutes it takes to give us feedback.


Inge Rosenbæk Carlsen

Freight Marketing Manager