Our freight market is very strong in our network

With the summer passed we have now entered the busy autumn season when workloads increase.

The overall freight market is very strong in our network. Demand is exceeding our budgets and we are of course very grateful that customers are using our services.

Just to look back a bit our Trade Management and Yielding department was put under high pressure in the peak season for Travel. However, our strategy as a ferry company is actually based on three revenue streams combined ; mainly freight, but also travel and on board sales & services,  these three areas make our business complete. The cornerstone in our work as your supplier is to optimize customer experience together with reliability, frequency and efficiency.

One really unpredicted challenge is Brexit for our important network on the North Sea and the Irish Sea. We read a lot from politicians from all countries. However as a service provider in the shipping trade we hope for a seamless free trade and competitive and efficient transport solutions. Our expectation this autumn and 2018 is a continuously strong European freight market. We will make sure to adapt and develop our products to meet your demands. The first key laying for our new ship buildings has recently been made with the first delivery in 2019 – really exiting!