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I joined the wild chase

Alex Mcdonald talkes about the wild chase that took place when he was visiting a good customer in Scotland.


I was working as an area sales manager and I was visiting a good customer of ours in Scotland. It was a fairly standard appointment, I turned up with my foot polished and my suit nicely pressed. But during the course of the meeting we had a bit of incident. See, the owner of this company's wife looks after rescued dogs and during the meeting one of the dogs managed to escape from the office and set of through the industrial estate. I felt that I couldn't really leave them to chasing it on their own while I just stood there, so I joined in the wild chase of this dogs having his moment freedom.



We eventually caught him after 45 minutes. My suit and shoes were a bit of worse for a wear, but the dog was safe and customers were happy. You learned to be prepared for everything! And to take a pair of wellies with you for some customer visit.



Alex, Commercial Manager, Freight