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We know exactly what an automotive company expects from a shipping service. Deliveries must be fast, flexible and readily available. That’s why we specialize in matching your particular needs with ports that are conveniently located, customized solutions and optimized efficiency. This makes us one of the most experienced and preferred partners to the automotive industry.

Our ports and terminals always live up to ISPS standards and all shipments are handled according to the ECG Standard Shipping Terms. Inspecting all units in our custody with one of the most modern digital control report systems allows us to maintain an exceptionally low damage rate at all times. So you can always rest assured that your shipment is safe with us.

Every year we are trusted with shipping more than 100,000 vehicles throughout our extensive route network in Northern Europe. This is achieved through regular dedicated industrial departures with guaranteed space. By employing large-scale shipments we are able to keep the CO2 emissions per vehicle to a minimum. This means that choosing us will not only ensure a reliable and customer-centric solution for your company, but also one that is friendly to the environment.