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stena line is one of the world's largest ferry operators.

Stena Line Freight - About Stena Line
Stena Line at a glance

During 2017 Stena Line transported approximately 7.4 million passengers, 1.7 million cars and 2.1 million freight units.

- 21 ferry routes in Scandinavia, around Great Britain and to the Baltic countries
- Connects 10 countries
- About 38 vessels in operation
- About 5 600 employees
- Turnover 12 700 MSEK


Connecting Europe for a sustainable future

Stena Line's mission is to increase shareholder value through affordable and seamless ferry transportation with an absolute commitment to safety and reliability, and a reduced environmental footprint.

We deliver efficiency and sustainability through care – care for our customers, care for resources and care for each other.

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"Europe´s leading low cost freight and ferry company"
Customers must have the best possible experience when they choose Stena Line for travel, holidays, relaxation or freight transport. The focus is firmly on constantly improving the service by, among other things, developing new and innovative products and services that create value for customers.

For several years now Stena Line has worked strategically with innovations as a means of developing new solutions, products and services. The company has a strong innovative culture, which promotes a sense of involvement. The employees at Stena Line have come up with a total of almost 1,500 ideas for improvements since 2006, when the work on innovations was systemised. The Innovations Department has aided stimulation of development by investigating and realising the best innovations.

Business Concept
Stena Line's business concept is to produce and sell safe and efficient transport by sea and connecting port services so that:
•    Passengers arrive at their destinations having had an experience that exceeds their expectations 
•    Transport companies can ship goods to their destinations in a cost-effective way.
This creates a long-term and stable environment for the company and its employees.