The Extranet is a service that provides you with two valuable tools: online Booking and Track-n-Trace.

With the Extranet you can easily reserve space on any Stena Line Freight route and obtain the booking referance numbers directly on to your screen. The service also tells you which departures have space available and lets you make new bookings or update existing bookings.

Track-n-Trace lets you know where your freight units are. You can track them by entering the departure times, or by using the bookings, vehicle or reference numbers.

Extranet has many other key features that can make life so much easier, including year on year statistics.

Here are some amazing comments received from our customers:

'...The extranet is a quick and effective way for us to make our bookings. It is reassuring for us to be able to track the progress of our bookings and to receive instant confirmation on the status of each individual booking...'

'...One word to describe the Extranet - superb! The system is extremely useful for making bookings and amendments throughout the day as things change. By using the system, less time is lost on the telephone, which frees up time for other issues...'

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