Your new tool for a convenient travel

Freight Planner – your new application

We are thrilled to announce that we are now launching the Freight Planner App – your new application to make your work life a little bit easier.


Freight Planner will help you simplify the booking process when you are out of the office and will save valuable time too. Just a couple of the big little reasons to partner up with us for your transportation needs.


We have created a user guide for the app that explains how the functionalities work and you just log on to the app with the same credentials and profile as you have for your Extranet account.


Do you have any questions or ideas on how to improve the app feel free to send any feedback to us at


Just click here to access the user guide!



The app is available both for iOS and for Android. 

Click here to download the app for your android device!

Click here to download the app for your Apple device!